Smart Business.

Smart business is our term for the mix of technologies we use to automate (business) processes and make smart machines/devices using IoT, intelligent PLC automation, Vision (AI) and Edge, together with good fundamental software development. Digitally transforming organisations. That's how you can call it. We do this for different sectors. Just think of "Industry 4.0, Smart Logistics, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Port, Automotive, Smart Utilities".


Smart automation

Creating a bridge between the physical and the digital world by using smart technology and software. For us, this is "smart automation".

Within Aptus we have a lot of expertise to tackle business challenges. Based on our experience and hands-on approach, we are able to digitize complex and, of course, less complex processes.

When it comes to reading out machine data, controlling pumps, translating images into insights, predicting queues and even building smart showroom cabinets. You've come to the right place!

Business applications

Software is flooding the world. Almost every company has to deal with software. Our role is to develop software for our customers, always paying attention to, on the one hand, the type of software (fully customized, mobile, web, low code and even no-code) and, on the other hand, the complete elaboration from A to Z. From design to production with accompanying support and maintenance services.

If it's not all clear to our customer from the start, we like to work in short intervals (or sprints) to come to a clear solution as efficiently as possible.

Smart devices

Appliances, that is our generic name for both small and large machines, appliances, products. "Smartness" is a hot topic in this world.

Our customers are on the one hand product companies that have been good at what they do for years, namely building machines/products. Anno 2020-2030 they are thinking about making these devices smart, collecting data and developing new services and insights.

On the other hand, we also have customers where we play an important role in the effective development of a new product. In doing so, we use our tech teams to provide the best possible support for the customer.

Making your business smarter? Let's talk!

Some of our projects